Oniviro Cottage

Oniviro Cottage Fiji, is a one-bedroom cabin on Ovalau Island (Central Fiji). The cabin is located at Oniviro about 1km north of Levuka Historical Port Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The small rental house is surrounded by a beautiful tropical garden, right next to the Pacific ocean. Behind the Cottage stands Gun Rock cliff, a landmark of Ovalau’s history.
Levuka Holiday Cottage has one bedroom, a dining area, a fully equipped kitchen, toilet, and shower. Its the perfect accommodation for a couple or a small family as a base to explore real life in the Fiji Islands.

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Rate Oniviro Cottage

F$ 650 per month
+ cost for Utilities (Gas Water Electricity) approx F$ 70 per month

Minimum rental period 1 month

Levuka Historical Port Town

A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Oniviro Cottage is located at Oniviro about 1km north of Levuka.

Gun Rock cliff, is a landmark in Ovalau’s history. The cliff was targeted in 1849 by Captain Erskine of the HMS Havannah to impress the Fijian Chiefs with the power of his ship’s cannon.

The cliff was shot at again in 1874 by the naval guns of the H.M.S. Pearl under Commodore Goodenough during the annexation ceremony of Fiji to become part of the British Empire.

The scars in the rock face are still visible.

Levuka was designated a historic town in 1989 by the National Trust of Fiji. It has been inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2013 for its significance as a historical port town and has been the first permanent European settlement amongst the Pacific islands.
Levuka was Fiji’s first capital from 1874 until 1883 when the capital moved to Suva.

Ovalau Islands is a lush tropical volcanic island of about 100 square kilometers surrounded by large coral reefs. Today the population is approximately 3000 and it is still the administrative, educational, and agricultural center of the Lomaiviti group.

Levuka and Ovalau are still off the main tourist track, but it’s a destination to experience the real Fiji. Even it appears to be a place off 100 years ago, all-important infrastructure is found in Levuka.

In town are a couple of supermarkets, grocery stores, bakeries, a hardware & appliance store, clubs, café and restaurants, churches, museums and libraries, post office, document and freight couriers, internet access, banks, customs & immigration, and a new modern hospital.
Accommodations, tours and activities, daily ferry and flight services.

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Levuka/Ovalau weather is a coastal tropical maritime climate with no extreme temperature fluctuations.
The summer from November till April is warm and humid with calm and sunny days often with short but heavy afternoon or night showers. The warmest and calmest is February/March with Temperatures are around 30 Celsius.
Winters from May till October bring dryer south-east trade winds that can cause the evenings to be cool and windy. August usually is the coldest month temperatures can drop just under 20 Celsius on overcast days.

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Things To Do

Levuka and Ovalau Island are very much untouched from tourism. Take a stroll along the main road of Levuka and you feel moved back to another era. Bring time to be patient and experience a different Fiji.

The historical buildings are in typical British Colonial style, such as Sacred Heart Church and Navoka Methodist Church both built in the 1860s, the museum and the library, the Town Hall built 1898, St. John’s College, Marist Convent School, and the Ovalau Club. The Cession Site, where the Deed of Cession was signed, Niukaube Hill (the former location of Ratu Seru Cakobau’s court and parliament house), Bishop’s Tomb (where Fiji’s first and second Roman Catholic bishops are entombed), are more places of historical interest.


There are numerous hikes into the interior. Explore the wonderful rainforest with its flora and fauna.

Silana Village
Silana Village is located in the north of Ovalau. It is a community project of Aravudi Village that allows you to experience the old traditions, customs, and handicrafts. You can stay in their guest house or just do a day tour.
Unfortunately destroyed during in Cyclone Winston!

Levuka Museum

The Museum is the original building of the Morris Hedstrom merchant company dating back to 1868. The Levuka Museum displays an interesting collection of historical artifacts, as well as a large shell collection and also accommodates a library.
Take the Levuka Historical Tour with local historian, Tabaki Metusela and hear about the towns magnificent history

Bobo’s Farm at Rukuruku

Bobo’s Farm is nestled in the Rukuruku valley, on a riverbank, a one-hour truck ride from Levuka. One self-contained guesthouse is available, excellent traditional meals are available on request.
Activities and entertainment: trekking, swimming, water sliding, fishing, bird watching, kava-round, singing.

Island Tours

Feeling more for relaxing on postcard beaches? Take a day trip to one of the Islands, Leleuvia Island, Caqalai or Lost Island

In the evening after you have had a meal at your hotel or in a restaurant, visit the Ovalau Club for a drink and meet more local people.


For more information contact your host Yasha and Leba:


Tel: (+679) 847 8421
Oniviro Cottage, PO Levuka, Fiji Islands